What’s Covered By Livestock Insurance?

What’s Covered By Livestock Insurance?

Livestock is a complex of interrelated agricultural sectors. It provides the population with the most valuable food products (meat, milk, eggs), industry – raw material (leather, fur, wool, fluff, feather), and crop production – organic fertilizers. It covers a number of sub-sectors. The main ones are pig breeding, sheep breeding, and poultry farming. There are less significant branches such as rabbit breeding, fish farming, beekeeping and other (there is also livestock that is kept for pleasure and joy as, for example, the canaan dog).

What Does Livestock Mean?

Livestock is based on the breeding of cattle. Its main products are meat and milk. Besides, it provides a large number of raw materials for the processing industry. Livestock consumes the most diverse and cheap feed (green, rough, juicy) and gives the largest amount of organic fertilizers.

The economic purpose of livestock farming is to provide high-quality, high-calorie, dietary and vitamin-based food products to the population. The ecological significance is to provide agriculture with organic fertilizers, the introduction of which in the soil returns to nature a significant amount of organic matter, promotes its fertility, humus content, development of the microflora. Therefore, the problems of livestock development, improvement of the purity of its management must be given particular importance.

Horse breeding is one of the most important branches of livestock. Horses are used as drag force. However, the meat of horses is also a food product, and the skin is a valuable raw material for the leather industry.

Pig breeding also plays a very important role. It provides meat, fat, and other raw materials for the processing industry. High fertility, short embryonic developmental period, high fertility and profitability, high payment of feed and high yield of meat at the slaughter result make significant economic benefits of pig breeding over other ones.

What Does Livestock Insurance Cover?

Livestock insurance includes pigs, fur animals, and rabbits from the age of four months, poultry from five months old, cattle, sheep and goats from the age of six months, horses at the age of one year, as well as bee family. Livestock insurance coverages in cases of death, destruction, or forced slaughter as a result of a fire, a natural disaster (lightning strike, storm, hurricane, storm, hail, rain, flood, earthquake) or an accident (falling under moving transport or under the influence of electric current), and forced slaughter (destruction) on the orders of the veterinary services in connection with measures to combat infectious diseases.

Animals are accepted for insurance at a contractual amount, but not higher than the actual value. The insurance amount is also determined for materials, fodder, seeds, finished goods, and other tangible assets. A franchise may be foreseen for animals and for the other assets mentioned above. So nowadays, you can protect your livestock business in a very simple way.

Livestock insurance is one of the most progressive forms of protection of agricultural enterprises from damage caused by the destruction, theft or forced destruction of animals (at the disposal of veterinary services).