Mochi Cats

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  • MaterialSilicone
  • Batteryno
  • DimensionsAbout 4cm
  • ThemeAnimals
  • AnimalsCats
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12 reviews for Mochi Cats

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    Excellent quality. The product is fully consistent with the pictures and description. grey cute cat
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Mochi Cats  

Stress relievers are one of the very common and handy things that the majority of the people carry with themselves these days. These are in different shapes and sizes, however, the small mochi cats are in fashion these days. This is due to its convenient size, and its cute shape of a cat that attracts people towards it. Mochi the cat is made of soft silicone material which is entirely hazarded free and non-toxic for use. These cute and trendy stress relievers are easy to carry as well as easy to clean.

The mochi cats are squishy and soft in their flexibility and help to increase the blood circulation of our hands while we press it so in return our stress is reduced and we feel calm and relaxed. These come in all shapes and varieties. The basic origin of them dates back into Asia where it is actually named after a meal. Small mochi cats are very convenient as they easily fit inside the palm of the hands and the flexibility allows them to regain their shape gradually after you press it so it does not ruin their shape at all; but this sometimes also depends on the material being used to make the mochi squishy cat toy.

The mochi cats are a lot like fidget spinners in its stress relieving ways as both are hand exercises that promote blood circulation and are squishy and soft so it automatically attracts the children along with adults as well. This is why children automatically prefer soft stuff toys and squishy toys in their early years; because of the pleasant effect. The slow rise and fall of the squishy mochi cats are rhythmic and systematically organized in nature so it removes all anxiety from your head and supports you in an increase of the production of dopamine and endorphins- the happy hormones which relax the body and the mind.

What Are Mochi Cats Made Of?

Mochi Cats are made of mostly the material polyurethane, or silicon, which is almost the same as that used in sponges, foams, and cushions etc. Different combination materials are also made by combining the different types of foam so it offers you a variety of different squishies which you can keep for different moods or use it just for the sake of change. Alternative textures in mochi cats are widely available and are good for relaxation.

The Mochi Cat Care Guide

In most cases, the extreme use of squishy mochi cats makes the product slightly sticky aur loose. But it can be treated very easily by wiping your mochi cat with soap and cold water. This not only cleans the product but also helps to retain its shape. This is especially helpful for children who dirty their toys; so you can easily clean or wash them off. Mochi the cat will not only relieve you of your stress and anxiety but also help your blood circulation which leaves a positive effect on the health. However, it should be used carefully with children as it is toxic if eaten or swallowed by a child.



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