Forever Rose in Glass Dome

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  • Material: Glass
  • Type: Rose
  • Style: Flower + Vase
  • Features: LED Light Flower
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2 reviews for Forever Rose in Glass Dome

    Very happy, it has been well protected and is great rose red
    Cool stuff. Perfect gift for ladies rose
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Forever Rose in Glass Dome- An Enchanted Piece

The Forever Rose is the new popular gift and decor for people who are in love with all things aesthetic and are especially inspired by the classic tale of ‘Beauty and the Beast’. It has become rapidly popular and is also regarded as the enchanted rose. This is because it is preserved to long almost a lifetime and is handcrafted with care.  The forever rose in glass dome actually encloses a real rose that is preserved by special materials; or rather as they say a miracle. These glass domes also sometimes consist of artificial roses but that is relative to the company that is selling it.

Making of the Forever Rose

The roses in dome glass are especially prepared for the sole purpose of preserving the flower into a beautiful masterpiece. Each piece has a special wood base that is polished and comes in different sizes and thickness; which varies according to the company. Each forever rose in a glass jar is unique and crafted with care and consists of a tube which is composed of glass with a covering of paper or plastic and the ends are covered with cork to keep the rose from falling out. The stem and leaves of the rose are finished with a metal finish most of the times, copper is used for this purpose, by electrolysis.  This beautiful finishing along with a crystal glass covering gives charm to the piece and is a mark of beauty and are nowadays labelled as one of the most romantic gifts.

The Secret Potion

Now, the secret of the special solution that the rose is treated with for its preservation is actually a solution of glycerin and oils that effectively preserves the flower in its fresh from. The thicker and healthier the stem and petals of the flower, the best durability it is expected to give. All roses in glass dome stand upright without the need of water or sunlight so it can last forever. The rose is then dipped in the solution and thus it is preserved and remains intact in its beauty and position for a lifetime.

A Romantic Symbol

The forever rose in glass cases are easily available by different sites and businesses around the internet and can even be customized with special requests such as gold plated roses, silver and even platinum coated roses in domes. Although they do not come cheap, these are available at different costs according to the metals or materials used.

Other than the classic red roses, the option of other colors is available too, for example, the pink or forever purple rose in a glass dome.  These are available in wide varieties and various colors around the world to meet people’s need. The forever rose is also known as the love or enchanted rose. It gained popularity from the famous tale of Beauty and the Beast and has been one of the most thoughtful and romantic gifts ever since.



Depending on demand, most items take 2-4 weeks to get to your door.

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