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9 reviews for Car USB LED Projector

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    atmosphere lights
    It looks even cool on the ceiling at the house. The child is wildly delighted! I really liked the wow effect!
    car lights
    Wow... I did not even expect how quickly the package came to the UK. Everything works! Looks just super!
    car light
    Very fast delivery verrrry funny lights. I recommend the product and this store.
    led car lights
    led light
    led car lights
    Thank you very much, guys. Everything works well.
    led lights
    Fast shipping. I love how it works. So much better than the picture.
    car dj lights
    dj lights for car-min
    car dj lights
    An excellent toy that many drivers will like! Inside the control panel, the led unit itself with a USB connector wire, 2 pieces of double adhesive tape (which need to be glued to the led unit's footboard) and a screwdriver. This design can work even from powerbank, which is very convenient. It shines bright, the color is red. Combustion modes-constant glow, gradual ignition, and flashing.
    red car lights
    Funny thing! Shines very bright and far, the coverage area is large. Powered by USB.
    red lights
    I recommend this super festive thing. Complete with remote control, screwdriver and double-sided adhesive tape, alcohol wipesLaser in a metal case. Perfect for any vehicle and for the room just super too.
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This Mini Car Led Light is powered by USB. This light is a must-have as it guarantees the cool vibes during driving. The product can set up not only in your vehicle but also in any room providing the right mood and fairy atmosphere.

It is a great invention as it doesn’t distract a driver, vice versa when you feel bored while driving, the constant color changes can keep you cheerful and active. You can convert any ordinary trip into a bright party.

There is voice control. You will be definitely impressed with the intensity of sound. Lights change according to music sounds and your voice when you sing.

Among the features, you are probably going to enjoy most is multi-direction coverage, host free adjustment bracket. The adjustment is perfect for diverse illumination directions (90-degree, up and down).

car lights projector light led projector car dj lights

A lifetime of the given product is 10000 hours. It is featured with –20-degree working temperature.

It is possible to install the lights super quickly. You can use any USB socket (8V-36V). All you need is plugging the chosen socket to the car USB connector. Then choose any desired surface to install the lights.

led lights installation

Among the biggest benefits is compact size, portability, multi-functionality, universal application.

atmosphere lights

You can select out of 4 available variations:

1. Standard Starry Light

2. Standard Meteor Light

3. Starry Light with voice version and remote controller

4. Meteor Light with voice version and remote controller



Depending on demand, most items take 2-4 weeks to get to your door.

Additional information



Laserware lenght


Voltage atmosphere lamp


Installation line

USB port

Light type

Starry sky, Meteor

Line lenght


Laser power



-20Celsius – 70Celsius


Armrest box position

Waterproof level



Constant Starry Sky, Constant Meteor, Multi Starry Sky, Multi Meteor